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The Model Lab School in Richmond, Kentucky has a K-5 chess club that meets on Mondays after school (starting after Labor Day) and is geared toward introducing young kids to the fundamentals of playing chess. Any Model Lab student may join the chess team. There are no tryouts or minimum skills requirements.

Since 1999, Model Lab has fielded teams of primary, elementary, middle school and high school students to compete in local, state and national chess tournaments. Playing in tournament competition is a great way to improve one's chess skills.

Model Lab is regarded as being one of the top chess schools in Kentucky. Since 2000, we have hosted the annual Model Lab Scholastic Chess Tournament, which is considered one of the best in the state. Our middle school team was 5th in 2007 Kentucky State Team Championships and 4th in 2006. They were 15th in the 2006 National Junior High Championships. Our K-5 and K-8 teams were first in the Regional Quad D Championships from 2005-2007, and the high school team was first in 2008. Our high school team was first in the 9th Annual Model Tournament (2008) and first in the Lexington Winter Classic (2009).

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Caveat: This is a safe video. The Chess Boosters Club and various school chess clubs might not be active at this time.